New Energy Legislation from Senators Nofs and Proos

As our leaders in Lansing work to create new energy policy to strengthen and secure Michigan’s energy future, two new bills from Senators Nofs and Proos have the potential to change the legislative landscape.

The Alliance for Michigan Power is hopeful that our elected officials—in the House, Senate, and Snyder Administration—will work together to synthesize their varying energy plans into a comprehensive energy policy that ensures Michigan is able to determine its own energy future once again.

Off to a Good Start

While it may not be a perfect bill, the legislation from Senator Nofs and Proos accomplishes a few key goals that AMP believes will be critical in securing Michigan’s energy future:

What Happens Next

Now that our legislators in Lansing have a few different options on the table, it is our hope they will work together to create a comprehensive energy policy that allows us to take charge of our energy future.

Over the coming weeks and months, lawmakers will continue to debate and refine their various proposals. Stay tuned, because we will need to make our voices heard soon to urge Lansing to take the best of each proposal and secure Michigan’s energy future.

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