Natural Gas: Replacing Lost Capacity with Cleaner Energy

Natural gas is poised to offer Michigan — and America — a way to replace much of the electric generation capacity we are losing as older coal-fired plants close down. It will play a key role in securing a cleaner, more sustainable energy future as we transition to greater use of renewable energy sources.

Growing Support in Michigan

“Clean natural gas is an integral part of America’s energy future,” according to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.

At a recent oil and gas industry event, Schuette brought up the NEXUS pipeline currently under construction (which we also featured as part of our Top 5 infrastructure needs). Schuette discussed the importance of the pipeline to both Michigan’s energy needs and our environment (emphasis added):

“The developments in clean burning natural gas are helping to drive down emissions from energy production to new lows, and most of that came before the Clean Power Plan,” said Schuette. “A great example of the work being done in the energy industry is the DTE NEXUS pipeline. The NEXUS project is a way to look to the future, and ensure that Michigan customers have the natural gas supply we need. I applaud the work being done to make sure we have efficient, modern pipelines in our state.”

The NEXUS pipeline would benefit Michigan and Ohio by:

Watch this video to learn more about the NEXUS pipeline project.

A Cleaner, More Sustainable Energy Future

The Attorney General’s support for the NEXUS pipeline project is another clear indicator of the growing support for natural gas across our state.

In another move hinting at the future of natural gas in Michigan, Governor Snyder recently tasked the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) to factor into their study of the benefits of electric transmission and expansion in Northern Michigan the assumption that “a large natural gas plant is constructed in Otsego or Kalkaska County.”

Building new energy generation capabilities now, before we are in a full-blown capacity crisis, is the best way to help us meet our future energy needs. Increased use of natural gas will ensure we generate enough energy to meet our needs in cleaner ways while protecting reliability and affordability in the short term.

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