Michigan’s Manufacturing Success Depends on Reliable, Affordable Energy

In 2014, Michigan ranked first in the nation for growth in manufacturing jobs, earning us the title of “rebound state” for our incredible recovery from the economic recession.  Some pretty remarkable numbers illustrate the dramatic growth in Michigan’s manufacturing sector:

Michigan manufacturers of all sizes count on a reliable supply of fairly priced electricity. A stable, reliable electric supply for citizens and businesses is essential to the continued growth of our state’s economy. That’s why AMP is fighting for to keep electricity reliable for all Michiganders now and in the future.

Michigan Manufacturers Call on Lansing to Act

In testimony before the Senate Committee on Energy and Technology last week, Ford Motor Company representatives highlighted the importance of reliability to the manufacturing industry.

To illustrate manufacturing’s critical dependence on reliable electricity, they explained how even a split-second interruption in electric service (the kind that makes your clocks blink at home) can shut down the manufacturing line for hours at the plant. With 60 cars produced every hour, the revenue lost by these kinds of interruptions in reliability adds up at alarming rates.

That’s why Ford Motor Company, along with business leaders representing a number of manufacturing and manufacturing-related sectors, are speaking out in support of the same principles AMP is calling for in Michigan’s next energy plan: fairness, flexibility, and a secure future where Michigan produces its own power and meets federal emissions standards on its own terms.  That future includes using IRPs to allow for flexible planning, as well as measures that require out-of-state energy companies to guarantee sufficient capacity for their Michigan customers.

Reliability for the Future

The Michigan Legislature must pass comprehensive energy legislation this year that supports reliability for the long term. We cannot jeopardize Michigan families—or the businesses and industries that support local jobs and communities. The manufacturing sector is just one example of the critical difference reliable, affordable energy makes in all our lives.

Take action today to show your support for smart energy legislation this year.