Michigan’s Local Energy Providers Continue to Give Back

We’re always impressed with the commitment our local energy providers have to helping their communities.   Take the Consumers Energy Annual Intern Challenge, for example. More than 130 Consumers Energy interns from more than 25 colleges volunteered their time to 27 nonprofit organizations around the state to make a difference.  This is just another example of how local energy providers help strengthen the communities they serve—after all, those are the same communities in which they live, work, and play.

Michigan’s Energy Industry Full of Hometown Pride 

Of course, Consumers Energy isn’t the only local provider that gives back.  For example:

Last Year, we blogged about the different ways Michigan’s local energy providers take pride in their communities. From service projects undertaken by employees to companies investing in the restoration and development of community spaces, our state’s energy providers aren’t just businesses, they are our friends, family, and neighbors.  All the more reason to support local energy produced by Michiganders for Michiganders.

AMP Encourages Its Members to Give Back

As members of AMP, you obviously care about our state’s future, and we’re betting many of you already volunteer.  If you don’t, we encourage you to do so and share your experiences serving your community with us.   Tell us what you’ve been doing to help support your community