Michigan’s Energy Industry is Committed to Education

Protecting our energy future will require a large, talented workforce—and investment in education and training is the key to developing that workforce. As hundreds of thousands of students statewide are preparing to graduate from Michigan’s high schools and colleges, we want to recognize just some of the ways their accomplishments and career goals are supported by our local energy providers.  

K-12 Energy Education

Michigan’s energy industry contributes millions of dollars to our K-12 schools and sponsors many programs for students in this age group.

College Scholarships

Through their charitable foundations, Michigan’s energy providers contribute millions of dollars to fund scholarships for students, particularly those interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. 

On Campus

Often Michigan’s energy providers partner directly with the state’s most prominent universities.  Giving directly supports or even establishes on-campus resources, such as:

These contributions are helping Michigan pioneer sustainable solutions: 

At almost any campus in the state, you will see representatives from the energy industry holding recruiting events, providing career seminars, giving speeches, and serving on boards to help facilitate the development of a robust workforce for meeting Michigan’s 21st century energy challenges.


Perhaps the most important way Michigan’s energy providers encourage students is providing them with clear paths to employment after they graduate.

On-the-Job Training

Michigan’s energy providers know education doesn’t stop with graduation; young talent needs to be continually nurtured.  Most companies have programs in place for that purpose. 

DTE Energy’s MBA Associates Program has three rotational business unit assignments, each lasting approximately eight months, to help graduates find their place within the company.  Meanwhile, Consumers Energy’s Engineering Entry Program helps recent college graduates develop their skills through experience.