Michigan Summers Powered by Michigan Energy

There are few places in the country where summer is as enjoyable and enriching as right here in Michigan.  Our state’s natural beauty is on full display during those long June, July, and August days. AMP is also thinking about Michigander’s favorite summer pastimes— and how many of them just wouldn’t be the same without affordable, reliable, local energy.

Batter Up!

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a night game at the ballpark rooting for the Detroit Tigers or one of our many minor league baseball teams—along with the popcorn, hotdogs, and ice cold beverages that complete the game experience. Most stadiums today use energy-efficient, high intensity discharge (HID) lights to illuminate the field. And if you’re in the cheap seats, you can watch the action up close on the LED video scoreboard.  Michigan’s Comerica Park actually has one of the largest in the majors. 

Play It Loud

Michigan has
dozens of popular outdoor music venues, and some of the biggest names in show
business not only come through our cities and towns but are Michigan natives. Of
course, these electrifying shows feature great sound and illuminating light
shows that depend on lots of reliable, efficient Michigan energy.   You
better believe one of our biggest summer concert festivals, the Electric Forest Festival in
Rothbury, is powered by Michigan energy.

Cool Off and Grab Your Popcorn

Maybe you’re an indoor person—what would life on Michigan’s hottest days be without air conditioning and a wide range of indoor activities?  One great all-American way to escape the heat is to cool down in your local multiplex with a summer blockbuster in HD—often 3D—digital.  Rather stay at home? You can  curl up on the couch to catch a movie on your television, computer, or mobile device.

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Ice cream, custard, or popsicles? Enjoying frozen treats during the summer is probably among everyone’s earliest memories, and you’re never too old to enjoy it again. Did you know that one of the early pioneers of refrigeration was Detroit inventor Nathaniel B. Wales, who introduced the Kelvinator in 1914 so Americans could have ice cream and other frozen foods in their homes? Today Michigan’s energy providers help carry on his legacy.

We hope you have a blast this summer, and we hope you take a moment now and then to remember how much Michigan energy does to improve your experience.

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Have fun!