The Michigan Public Service Commission

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) plays a vital role in ensuring Michigan’s energy system works well for all Michiganders.

Among other things, the MPSC sets the rates Michigan consumers pay for electricity and other public services.

The MSPC maintains open communication with stakeholders, policymakers, local energy providers, consumers, and the public to support their core objectives:

  • Establishing fair, reasonable rates for regulated services that comply with state and federal laws and regulations to protect Michigan consumers
  • Ensuring the safe, efficient production, distribution, and use of Michigan’s energy services
  • Promoting physical and cyber security efforts to secure Michigan’s critical energy infrastructure
  • Supporting the advancement and adoption of new technologies and innovations
  • Providing regulatory oversight prudently and efficiently while implementing new requirements

The MPSC also makes important regulatory decisions regarding renewable energy policy in our state, including how to integrate renewable resources into Michigan’s electric system in ways that support reliability, affordability, and fairness.

Along with the Michigan Legislature, the MPSC helps establish a positive energy agenda to power a stronger, more stable, and increasingly clean energy future.


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