Michigan Needs a Smart Energy Plan

2015 is just around the corner, and Michigan will need to develop a new, comprehensive energy plan to ensure a bright future for all Michiganders. 

As we’ve mentioned before, parts of Michigan’s 2008 energy law are set to expire next year.  On top of that, new EPA regulations and old age mean many of our state’s vital power plants will soon have to shut down their operations.  Without proper planning, this could threaten energy access and reliability for up to a million Michiganders.

A new group, Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future, is calling on the Michigan Legislature to work cooperatively to create an energy plan that:

As you know, AMP is working for many of these same goals, and for the past few months, we’ve been highlighting what smart energy policy looks like for Michigan. It’s good to have additional voices enter the discussion and reinforce our messages.

We wanted to draw your attention to Citizens for Michigan’s Energy Future because you’ll likely start seeing messages from them on TV, if you haven’t already—messages like this:

In 2015, AMP will also be working to ensure our legislators address comprehensive energy policy for our state that balances our many priorities as a state: economic strength, access and fairness, electric reliability, innovation for a more sustainable future, and Michigan’s control of its own energy future. We’ll continue to update you on these issues and let you know when and how you can help.

In the meantime, tell us what you think lawmakers in Lansing should focus on when they develop an energy plan to lead Michigan to a brighter future. Share your thoughts with us today.