Michigan Is a Leading Force in Renewable Energy Innovation

Researchers in Michigan are leading some of the most exciting developments in energy generation happening in the U.S. today.

For example, even though wind energy has been the fastest-growing renewable energy source in Michigan in recent years, students and faculty at MSU may be developing what could be the next significant innovation in solar energy:  a transparent photovoltaic (PV) material that can be placed over windows and other flat objects common to our daily lives.  This will not only help generate energy more efficiently and cost effectively, but also do so almost imperceptibly. 

It will likely be several years before the MSU team’s “luminescent solar concentrator” is practical for deployment on a large scale, but the potential is exciting—and just another example of the types of innovations that are helping power a bright future for Michigan.  Read more about this and other energy research being led by Michigan today

Supporting Both Innovation and Reliability

It’s important that innovations like these be developed and integrated into our energy supply in commonsense ways that benefit all Michiganders.

MSU’s research into better solar energy technologies is part of efforts in many sectors to diversify Michigan’s energy portfolio, which is critical to keeping our energy supply both reliable and affordable.  As we follow through with such efforts, AMP believes one of our top priorities must be maintaining and strengthening access and fairness—for all consumers.

That means we must not only develop alternative energy resources, but also make traditional energy more efficient and upgrade our energy infrastructure.  Local energy providers are doing just that by investing in an array of new infrastructure and resources that will result in the “largest power sector renewal” in a generation

Making sure Michigan is prepared to make smart energy policies that will enable us to balance innovation with reliability and affordability will be critical as we move forward with updates to Michigan’s energy law in 2015.

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