Michigan Jobs, Powered by Michigan Energy

We already know local Michigan energy providers invest in things like education and community development to help support a bright future for all Michiganders.  Now, local energy provider DTE Energy is taking that commitment one step further.

Summer Jobs Provide Opportunities

Just last week, roughly 500 metro-area Detroit teenagers and young adults started their first day of work at a program funded by the DTE Energy Foundation via the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program.  According to the Detroit Free Press, the “DTE Energy Foundation contributed $750,000 to fund the 500 summer jobs,” in an effort to “give young people work experiences” during the long summer when options for many Michigan youth can be limited.

According to Faye Nelson, VP of Public Affairs for DTE Energy and DTE Energy Foundation President:

“This summer jobs initiative is all about providing meaningful work experiences for young people from struggling communities in our state…We want to make sure that when these young people are ready to enter the workforce that they have the experience necessary to get—and keep—a job.

Chalk that up to another way in which local energy providers prove their commitment to and support of Michigan’s communities, families, and economy.

A History of Support

According to the official press release from the DTE Energy Foundation, this is the fifth year the Foundation has helped support a summer jobs program, altogether funding “about 1,500 summer jobs since 2010.”  In addition, the Foundation also contributed a quarter of a million dollars “to provide year-round, part-time jobs at city recreation centers.”

This jobs program is just another example of why it’s so important to keep Michigan energy local.  Local energy providers support our communities through charitable giving, among many other ways.  

Learn more about Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program and the DTE Energy Foundation.