Michigan is a Leader in Clean Energy

Michigan has come a long way in the fight to secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future over the last few decades. Much of the progress we have made has been driven by efforts from local energy providers, policies out of Lansing, and the continued support of Michigan homes and businesses.

To celebrate clean energy week—September 21-25—AMP is proud to highlight the many ways in which local energy providers are working to ensure Michigan remains on the forefront of innovation to power a cleaner energy future.

Watch our latest video to learn more!

As our video explains, local energy providers have been working with local communities, businesses, and concerned citizens to advance clean energy and reduce our state’s environmental footprint by:

Local energy providers are on track to continue enhancing Michigan’s clean energy and environmental protection efforts for generations to come.

Our energy providers can’t do it alone. It will take smart policies from lawmakers in Lansing and the continued support and participation of all Michiganders to keep us on the right path to a cleaner energy future that benefits all Michigan homes and businesses.

Learn more about how Michigan is leading on clean energy by watching our latest video.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with more information about how we can all help secure a clean energy future that protects reliability, affordability, and fairness for all Michiganders.