Michigan Energy Providers Rising to the EPA’s Challenge

Following an ambitious proposal in June by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce the nation’s carbon emissions 30 percent by 2030, Michigan’s local energy providers have responded proactively with plans to invest $15 billion to replace older power plants with new, more efficient energy infrastructure. It will be Michigan’s biggest investment in power generation in decades, and it will reshape our energy future for many decades to come.

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Natural Gas and Wind Energy Key

Design and construction on new power plants will begin in earnest about five years from now, and many decisions will need to be made before then. Natural gas appears to be the best option for reliable, affordable baseload generation. (The baseload is the minimum level of demand on our electrical system in a 24-hour period, and a baseload power source is one that can consistently generate sufficient electricity to meet that demand.) Natural gas will primarily be coupled with local wind power, the state’s leading renewable energy resource. 

It is exciting to see our local energy providers step up to meet the ambitious goals set by the EPA, because AMP continues to support Michigan-based energy solutions and innovation that will ensure we can produce our own power and meet our own energy needs.  Their investments in new generation technology are critical to providing reliable, affordable electricity while continuing to improve our environment. AMP will be working to complement their efforts by simultaneously advancing energy use education and awareness, and helping all Michiganders take steps to use energy more efficiently.

Local Businesses to Benefit

DTE Energy and Consumers Energy both participate in Pure Michigan Business Connect, a public-private initiative that introduces local Michigan companies to opportunities that help them grow and expand. Local energy providers are committed to using in-state businesses for their supply chain, which will undoubtedly spur a new wave of local job creation and economic growth as part of long-term infrastructure investments.

This is important time for all of us to follow the development of Michigan energy and advocate for energy policies that help preserve reliable, affordable, Michigan-made energy for our state’s future.  AMP will keep you updated and continue to look for ways to keep all AMP members involved in the ongoing discussion. 

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