Michigan Energy Providers Help Keep the Lights On by Providing Consumers with Options

Keeping energy accessible, reliable, and fairly priced depends on people working together. One of the hallmarks of Michigan’s major energy companies is their effort to offer consumers common-sense options for their energy bills.

For example, all consumers, despite the size of their pocketbook, can ensure reliable service by taking advantage of e-billing and autopayments. These options are paperless, convenient, and even allow customers to pay their electricity bills in advance, helping to ensure their accounts stay current and their power stays on.

Another way to keep access to energy affordable and reliable for consumers is through programs that help them better budget for the seasonal ups and downs of their gas and electric bills. Most Michigan energy companies will help their customers avoid unpleasant seasonal surprises in their utility bills by spreading out the costs of their annual energy use equally over the course of 12 months. Everyone wins: energy companies receive the same revenue over the longer term so they can continue investing in Michigan and provide reliable service to everyone, while their customers can more easily and confidently manage their budgets.

Additionally, there are a number of reasonable options for consumers who have fallen behind on their bills. Energy companies will usually work out payment plans to help customers catch up while service continues. And state and federal energy assistance programs can help those who find themselves in a crisis situation.

All of these simple solutions help promote fairness and help households and businesses avoid interruptions in service. That benefits all of Michigan by strengthening our economy and our overall quality of life. And it’s yet another reason AMP works to support our hometown energy companies, who demonstrate through these programs that they are committed to our families and communities in ways that no out-of-state companies can be.