Michigan Energy: Making Life a Little More Fun

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been blogging about all the things in our lives that Michigan energy makes possible. So far, our Michigan Energy Made It series has focused on everything from our economy and industries to education and health care—but what about when we let our hair down? Though we may not often notice, Michigan energy also supports some of our favorite recreational opportunities.

Local Events and Attractions

Few states have as many community and regional events as Michigan. Supporting such events—especially on a larger scale—requires access to reliable, fairly priced energy. Here are just a few examples:

Our Hometown Teams

There’s no denying it: Michigan is a great state for sports. Without local energy—and the support of local energy providers—it would be a lot harder to root, root, root for the home team.

Fun at Home or Outdoors

At home or in the great outdoors, Michigan energy makes it easier for us to have fun wherever we are.

What are your favorite pastimes, and how are they powered by Michigan energy? Tell us about them!