Michigan Energy Made It: Powering Our Healthcare

In a life or death situation, the role of Michigan power cannot be understated.  We may not be able to see it, yet it’s there—and it’s transforming the way our nurses, doctors, hospitals, medical technology, and our entire healthcare system treat patients.  As part of our Michigan Energy Made It series, we’re taking a look at how local energy supports innovations in healthcare and other medical devices that are helping save lives.

Quality Care at Every Stage of Life

The sheer scope of our medical needs is enough for one to quickly grasp why smart energy policies are important for lengthening and improving the quality of our lives.  

Overall, Michigan energy powers a wide variety of complex medical devices that deliver important information and discoveries to help doctors and nurses treat more patients effectively and efficiently.
 Local power also illuminates the hospitals and clinics where this life-saving work is done day in and day out. 

Economic and Social Impact

The impact of healthcare on Michigan’s economy is tremendous—and Michigan energy’s role in powering this sector of our economy is undeniable.  

From detecting a baby’s first heartbeat to powering the life-saving machines and monitors used in hospice care, Michigan energy is helping to improve the quality of patient care in all of our lives—yet another reason we need smart energy policies in place to preserve access, reliability, and fairness for all Michiganders.