Michigan Energy Made It: Energy Assistance Programs

Michigan energy providers and their employees are not faceless, out-of-state interests—they are our neighbors, friends, and members of our communities. Because they live in the very same communities for which they provide power, local energy providers are also committed to making sure all Michiganders have access to affordable, reliable electricity.

As we approach another hard Michigan winter, we want to look at the ways local Michigan energy providers help keep the power turned on for Michigan’s low-income families.

Protecting Low-Income Michigan Families

As we outlined in our recent Smart vs. Poor Energy Policy post, a fair number of government programs that low-income Michigan families can use to stay safe and warm during the cold winter—and let’s face it, fall and spring—months:

Local Energy Companies Also Play an Important Role

Michigan’s local energy providers also sponsor low-income energy assistance programs. As funding for federal programs like LIHEAP has dropped in recent years, the assistance provided by our local energy companies has become even more vital. Here are just a few examples:

The value of the financial and other support offered by the government, local energy companies, and generous citizens cannot be overstated. During Michigan’s brutal winter months, pooling our resources through these avenues can literally mean the difference between life and death for many low-income Michiganders.

If your family or someone you know needs energy assistance, please encourage them to contact their electricity provider as soon as possible to apply for help. Remember, applications for federal energy assistance are being accepted starting November 1. Call 2-1-1 or visit for more information.

How do you manage heating your home during these cold winters? Have you ever used an assistance program from one of Michigan’s local energy providers? Share your story.