In Michigan, Access and Fairness Are Both Critical

Across the globe, access to energy is frequently related to geography. In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, developing countries have only about a 75 percent electrification rate. In rural areas worldwide, it’s only 68 percent. We’re fortunate to live in a country where just about everyone has at least some access to electricity. In Michigan, our local utilities work hard to keep power reliable regardless of whether you live in downtown Detroit or the wide-open spaces of the U.P. and are committed to Michigan’s businesses and families in ways that no out-of-state companies can be.

In Michigan, Deregulation Can Make Fairness a Challenge

While everyone in Michigan has access to reliable energy, keeping electricity rates stable and fair for all consumers can be a challenge in areas that are deregulated. When local utilities must take on the cost burdens of maintaining and servicing transmission infrastructure that brings electricity from elsewhere, they are forced to raise prices. Consumers’ savings in one area might be at the direct expense of other consumers. As a result, more Michiganders struggle to afford electricity, and access for them becomes a significant issue. The bottom line is, you really can’t have reliable access to energy without fair pricing.

Secure Energy for All Michiganders Will Come from Energy Independence

Michigan needs to continue securing its ability to produce reliable electricity at fair prices—to do that, we need to be an energy-independent state, one that produces the majority of its power within its own borders. AMP supports this goal, and you can too: take the first step and sign the AMP petition today.