Meade Township Referendum Update

In a March blog post, we discussed the ongoing debate in Meade Township about a wind energy project that will be voted on in a referendum in May. Here’s a quick overview of the situation:

The Specifics

The referendum in Meade Township states: “The Meade Township Board approved an ordinance amendment to establish a wind energy overlay district on November 11, 2014. This approval will allow the development of a wind energy project [DTE Energy’s planned 100-megawatt wind park] to continue in Meade Township. Should this ordinance amendment be approved?”  Voters will answer that question next Tuesday.

In related news, in Huron County (where Meade Township sits), officials passed a six-month moratorium on wind development in early April; it applies to the 16 townships within Huron that are county-zoned. Meade Township is self-zoned, and therefore is not subject to the county moratorium. However, the Huron moratorium does stymie several key wind projects in other townships.

The benefits of wind energy go beyond helping our state meet its renewable energy goals. Check out this recent article from the Huron Daily Tribune that showcases the benefits to local communities.

Wind Power Part of Michigan’s Energy Future

Wind, solar, biomass, and other renewable energy sources will play a key role in helping Michigan move to a more sustainable energy mix, grow the economy, and address our looming capacity crisis.  That’s why the unfolding debate around wind energy is such an important one to follow.

The situation in Huron County and Meade Township doesn’t just affect local residents.  The ability for Michigan to build new electric capacity—including large-scale wind power—has implications for electric reliability and affordability for the entire state.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation in Meade Township and will let you know how things play out.  In the meantime, tell us—would you support wind energy development in your county? Tell us what you think!