Local Energy Gives Back, Locally

We recently discussed some of the ways local energy providers work to support local communities by participating in an array of community-focused projects and initiatives.

By getting involved with the communities in which they operate—and where their employees live, work, and play—local providers like DTE Energy and Consumers Energy are helping to help advance and secure a brighter future for all Michiganders.

Today, we want to take some time to recognize some other ways local providers are giving back to help support everything from good old summertime fun to wildlife restoration and environmental education to economic and neighborhood development in communities across the state.

Here’s a quick rundown of some community-focused events and initiatives made possible by the support and participation of local energy providers:

Whether it’s supporting summer events that provide a little fun while boosting local economies, advancing environmental efforts, or spurring community-development, local energy providers aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves to get involved and help give back.