Lansing Considers Electric Deregulation in First of Two March Hearings

On Tuesday, March 18, the Michigan House Energy and Technology Committee met to discuss HB 5184, a bill that would fully deregulate Michigan’s electric utility industry.  Yesterday’s hearing was the first of two, with the next hearing set for March 25.

During the hearing, the committee heard from witnesses on both sides of the electric deregulation debate.  The Alliance for Michigan Power remains hopeful that lawmakers are beginning to understand how deregulating electricity could be harmful for Michigan jobs, communities, families, and our economic resurgence.

Tuesday’s hearing included some key takeaways: 

While supporters of electric deregulation made a substantial case for HB 5184, lawmakers and others present at the hearing were generally skeptical as to how it would play out in reality.  With the next hearing set for March 25, it’s more important than ever to speak out against this risky plan.  Tell your legislator to oppose HB 5184 and protect Michigan’s future.