Know Your NEXUS: Pipeline Progress

Local Michigan energy companies are continuing to diversify our all-of-the-above energy mix.  As coal-fired plants continue to close their doors, Michigan and our Midwestern neighbors are capitalizing on innovative ways to prevent a potential energy deficit. Natural gas is an affordable, reliable, and cleaner way to provide the energy our state needs to operate.  How are we harnessing the power of natural gas? The NEXUS pipeline is playing a big role!

Working with our neighbors, Ohio and Canada, the NEXUS pipeline is a 255-mile-long gas transition pipeline that will deliver 1.5 billion cubic feet of clean-burning natural gas per day.

Pipeline Updates: The NEXUS pipeline provides a quick, convenient way to transport the energy products needed to support Michiganders’ growing demand for clean-burning natural gas. The project has reached a new milestone: approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to begin service. The pipeline is ready to start flows of natural gas at 934 cf per day from Ohio to Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Economic Impact: This major natural gas project isn’t just benefitting the natural gas industry. The entire state of Michigan will feel the positive economic impact. Take a look at the numbers below to see just how far the positive economic ripple will reach throughout Michigan!

By expanding access to natural gas, NEXUS will provide consumers across the region with affordable, clean-burning, and domestically-abundant natural gas to help meet the growing demand for cleaner power generation, industrial and commercial use, and home heating. This marks a major step forward for Michigan’s energy—and economic—future.

For more information on NEXUS and the benefits of natural gas, explore the AMP website.