Keeping an Eye on Energy Policy in Lansing

Things are heating up in Lansing, and it’s not just because summer is in full swing.

Lawmakers have introduced or are getting ready to introduce a number of new bills—all at different stages in the legislative process—that could have a significant impact on the energy landscape in Michigan and our efforts to secure a cleaner energy future.

Not all of these issues will gain the support they need in the legislature to make it through the legislative process, but some could advance to a point where AMP members may need to weigh in with lawmakers to ensure they pursue the best policies to most effectively and efficiently meet our clean energy needs. Either way, it’s important to understand what lawmakers are thinking about when it comes to energy policy in our state.

What We Look for in Energy Policy

AMP believes that smart, responsible energy policy out of Lansing should ensure fairness, reliability, and affordability for all Michigan homes, businesses, and communities. That means:

How Current Legislation Stacks Up

Below are some highlights of the issues and current legislation in Lansing AMP is keeping an eye on—and how they compare to AMP’s overall goals for energy policy:

AMP is keeping a close eye on changes to our state’s energy policy that could threaten reliability, affordability, or fairness for anyone. That’s why, in addition to the bills above, we’re also watching other proposals still taking shape in the legislature, including ones that relate to electric vehicle charging station construction and infrastructure (HB 4801/4802/4803/4804) natural gas “bans” at the municipal level (HB 4575/SB 0138), and other issues.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as these issues develop and let you know if and when it is time to make your voice heard on any of them.

In the meantime, tell us why you think it’s important for energy policy to protect reliability, affordability, and fairness by joining the conversation on Facebook.