See Where Your Candidates Stand On Energy

The Alliance for Michigan Power knows how important it is to know where your candidates stand on issues like energy before you head to the polls. AMP knows that Michigan’s future is more secure when we have an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy mix and a strong energy infrastructure. That’s why we asked candidates for Governor, State Senate and the State House of Representatives questions to understand their views on energy policy and critical energy issues.

It’s easy to find your candidate’s answers to our questionnaire:

  • Click on Governor, State Senate, or State House of Representatives below to find your candidate
  • Look for your Senate District or House District
  • If your candidate responded to the questionnaire, you can click on their name to view the questionnaire
  • If the name of your candidate is not hyperlinked, that means that your candidate has not responded or has not filled out the questionnaire

*The Alliance for Michigan Power has not altered or changed the responses to the questionnaire.


Powering—and Planning for—Michigan’s Clean Energy Future

Michigan is in the midst of a total energy transformation. Our 2016 energy law—passed with overwhelming bipartisan support—established a solid framework for policymakers, regulators, and local energy companies to better plan for and meet the energy needs of all Michiganders.


Michigan: The Home for Opportunity

Governor Gretchen Whitmer laid out a broad, ambitious policy agenda in her first State of the State address on February 12. She painted a picture of the growing challenges we face in Michigan, put forth ideas for how we can address those challenges head on, and highlighted her high-level priorities for 2019 and beyond.


Fact Check: Wind Energy in Michigan

A lot of misconceptions are swirling around wind energy in Michigan. So we’re bringing you Wednesday Wind Fact Checks. This series will bring you three quick fact checks about wind power each week so you can get the real scoop on this incredible renewable resource in Michigan.