Investing in a Clean, Green Future for Michigan

Michigan-owned and -operated energy companies are working hard to improve energy efficiency and help consumers and businesses save money. Investments in cleaner energy not only help our environment; they also put Michiganders to work.

Cases In Point: The Monroe and Genesee Power Plants

Beginning in 1999, DTE Energy began an initiative to bring state-of-the-art emission controls to the company’s Monroe Power Plant. The $1.7 billion program has dramatically reduced the amount of harmful emissions—by as much as 90 percent.

At its height, the construction project employed more than 900 people—local carpenters, electricians, welders, pipefitters, and others.

In late 2012, Consumers Energy announced plans to invest $750 million in building a new natural gas power plant in Genesee County.  This project will create an estimated 600 construction jobs and 30 operating jobs. 

Renewable Energy for Today—and the Future

Today, Michigan energy companies are making substantial investments in clean, renewable energy. The Thumb has enormous potential as a source of wind energy, with reliable winds of 16-18 mph at 230 feet above the ground. Wind energy is entirely renewable and non-polluting. Wind energy also contributes to local economies by providing payments to landowners and creating installation and maintenance jobs.

Michigan energy companies are also working with customers and partners to install solar energy panels that help power buildings and charge electric cars. In the coming years, thousands of megawatts of additional solar power—generated in Michigan for Michigan—will be added to the state’s electricity grid.

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