The Importance of a Fully Regulated Electricity Market

When it comes to electricity, a fully regulated market is a reliable, affordable market. This is especially true in a state like Michigan, where we face a capacity shortfall if we don’t take immediate and significant action on a number of fronts.

Even people dedicated to free-market principles, like Michigan Representative Aric Nesbitt, have come to realize that electricity is unique and simply too important to people’s daily lives to be subject to the instability of a deregulated marketplace.

The Benefits of Full Regulation

On the most basic level, a regulated electricity market comprises local energy providers that are responsible for the entire electricity process—from generation to transmission and distribution—and are accountable to state government agencies that establish uniform rules and ensure the needs of their consumers are being met.

For electricity, a regulated market has a number of significant advantages:

Given the benefits of a fully regulated electric market, we believe our state legislators must act to eliminate our current system of partial deregulation so we can all count on affordable, reliable, and sustainable electricity in the years to come—and so Michigan can remain in control of its own energy future.

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