The Impact of Energy Policy

Policy decisions made in Lansing will shape Michigan’s ability to transform our energy infrastructure and secure a bright energy future.

Energy Policy and Michigan’s Energy Future

AMP supports energy policies that put Michigan first, and we encourage our lawmakers to choose Michigan when they make decisions that have long-term consequences.

Characteristics of Smart Energy Policy

  • Create and Sustain Michigan Jobs

Responsible regulation ensures that energy remains reliable and affordable for all Michiganders, leading to stronger local communities and new opportunities for Michiganders throughout our state.

  • Support Local Economies and Communities

When Michigan produces its own energy, we support local jobs and create tax revenue to help fund our schools, hospitals, roads and bridges, libraries, police and fire forces, and other services that keep our communities strong.

  • Build a 21st Century Energy Infrastructure

Michigan-first energy policy gives local energy providers and others the assurance to invest in transforming our state’s energy infrastructure so we have a truly resilient, efficient electric grid.

  • Ensure Fairness for All Michigan Consumers

AMP supports energy policies that treat all consumers fairly and ensure every Michigander can enjoy the benefits of clean, affordable, reliable energy now and in the future.

  • Secure a Sustainable Energy Future

A flexible energy supply  combined with a smarter energy infrastructure will keep Michigan in control of its energy future and able to meet our diverse energy needs.


It’s 2019! New Energy Opportunities in the New Year

It’s a new year and plenty of new opportunities to strengthen Michigan’s energy future lie ahead. In 2019, local energy companies are making great progress toward a set of resolutions that bolster the reliability, affordability, and sustainability of our energy supply.


Brace yourself… the polar vortex is arriving today!

Believe it or not, it’s about to get even colder in Michigan. The polar vortex has been described as “brutal,” “dangerous,” and even “the coldest weather in a generation.” We can hold our own when it comes to winter weather, but the storm currently whipping its way through the Midwest is no joke.


Know Your NEXUS: Pipeline Progress

Local Michigan energy companies are continuing to diversify our all-of-the-above energy mix. As coal-fired plants continue to close their doors, Michigan and our Midwestern neighbors are capitalizing on innovative ways to prevent a potential energy deficit. Natural gas is an affordable, reliable and cleaner way to provide the energy our state needs to operate. How are we harnessing the power of natural gas? The NEXUS pipeline is playing a big role!