House Energy and Technology Committee Concludes Its Deregulation Hearings

On Tuesday, March 25, the Michigan House Energy and Technology Committee held a second and final hearing to examine HB 5184.

During the hearing, supporters and opponents of electric deregulation were once again out in full force. Here are some key takeaways from the committee’s second hearing:

Together, the hearings illustrated that electric deregulation is much more complicated than proponents might like you to believe. AMP maintains its position that electric deregulation, and HB 5184, is the wrong path for Michigan to take given the many risks and unintended consequences we would likely experience.

Overall, we are pleased that so many of the witnesses and legislators present seemed to recognize the risks associated with electric deregulation. Thank you to all the AMP members who took the time to send emails to their elected representatives in Lansing voicing concerns about HB 5184 and electric deregulation. Your messages greatly reinforced the expert testimony legislators heard during the hearings.

We’ll be keeping watch, and keep you posted if other electric deregulation developments arise.