Harnessing the Sun in Michigan

The technology to produce and transmit solar power cost-effectively in large volumes is still in its early stages, but solar power is a promising source of renewable energy in Michigan.

Heat and light from the sun are pollution-free and can be utilized for generating electricity.  Michigan might not have as many sunny days as states like California or Arizona, but solar energy could fill an important niche in Michigan’s energy portfolio.

Michigan’s local energy providers have introduced a program to make solar energy more affordable and are making investments in solar energy partnerships with businesses and industries in Southeastern Michigan. 

Entrepreneurship Is Key

Solar energy in Michigan will also rely on the entrepreneurship of start-up firms like Srinergy, a Novi-based solar installation company that was profiled in a recent article on the Michigan Land Institute’s website.

Srinergy and its first partner, Detroit-based WARM, are competing for the $10 million prize available in the U.S. Department of Energy’s nationwide “Race to the Rooftops” contest.  If they are successful, Srinergy says it wants to grow the business in a very local way, which will help create jobs in communities like Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills, and Detroit.  

Working Together

Michigan energy companies interested in developing solar power in our state have a lot of people on their side.  Michigan businesses, industries, and organizations—including Ford, General Motors, Monroe Community College, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan—are partnering with DTE Energy, Consumers Energy, and others to help move practical development of the technologies forward.  Raising the profile of Michigan’s solar industry will help attract more capital to the Great Lakes State, which will be beneficial for everyone who has a stake in Michigan’s economic recovery.

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