Grid Security and Technology Investments to Make Our Energy Future Secure

To keep up with our energy needs, our electric infrastructure and technology has to adapt and evolve. That’s why a technologically advanced grid is so important to our energy future, including reduced energy costs and energy usage.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about smart grids and safety.

How does cyber security come into play?

While there are immeasurable benefits to smart grid technology, the reality is that a smart grid can be hacked. Considering the state of geopolitics today, there is an increased likelihood that malicious actors could influence the workings of our electric grid, potentially disrupting the flow of electricity to certain regions.

How can we prevent electric grid crises in the future?

Greater investments in our electric technology to strengthen the grid is the only solution. In an article for USA Today, Sudeen Kelly notes there are several things the United States must do to secure the grid, including identifying exactly where grid improvements and upgrades are needed, developing a national plan for short and long term grid improvements, and protecting national security.

Why do we need a smarter grid?

Technology is being integrated everyday into the grid to help prevent energy shortfalls in the future, like brown outs or black outs. We use electricity now more than ever before, which means our electric grid has to generate more and more power instantaneously. Out of date technology poses a serious threat to Michigan communities simply because they are not able to meet the electric needs of the modern era.

The reality is that the benefits of smart grid technology outweigh the risks when we are prepared for potential threats. Legislators and local energy companies are aware of the threat, and are beginning to work together to find a solution—to protect not only the future of affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy, but national security as well.