Grateful for our Senators who Chose Michigan

Last week the Michigan Senate took a huge step forward in securing Michigan’s energy future by passing Senate Bills 437 and 438. Thank you to everyone in the AMP community who took action to support this vote.

The Alliance for Michigan Power would also like to recognize those senators who decided to Choose Michigan by voting for a solution that supports and strengthens local jobs, communities, and our overall economy — putting the interests of every Michigander ahead of the interests of just a few select groups or individuals, and well ahead of the interests of out-of-state energy speculators.

Thank you to the following senators who decided to #ChooseMichigan by putting Michiganders first.

Senator Ananich Senator Johnson Senator Proos
Senator Bieda Senator Jones Senator Rocca
Senator Booher Senator Knezek Senator Schmidt
Senator Brandenburg Senator Knollenberg Senator Schuitmaker
Senator Gregory Senator Kowall Senator Stamas
Senator Hertel Senator Marleau Senator Warren
Senator Hopgood Senator Meekhof Senator Young
Senator Horn Senator Nofs Senator Zorn
Senator Hune Senator O’Brien

Even in this divided political climate, we can all agree that we need a strong energy policy that puts Michigan first. We cannot afford to leave these decisions to the federal government or out-of-state interests. Thanks to the Senate’s support of the Nofs-Proos legislation, we are now closer to an energy plan that will develop fairer, cleaner, and more sustainable power while protecting our economy and local jobs.

Now we turn our eyes toward the House, where our state representatives have just a few weeks to make sure this legislation is enacted in 2016. We urge the House to follow the Senate’s lead and secure a brighter energy future for all Michiganders.