Governor Snyder Addresses Michigan’s Energy Future

Last week, Governor Rick Snyder laid out his vision of a 10-year comprehensive energy plan for Michigan.  Between his address and Representative Nesbitt’s new energy legislation, it’s great to see our elected officials in Lansing prioritizing the same principles the Alliance for Michigan Power has been advocating for: smart energy policies that put Michigan’s economy, consumers, and energy security first.

The key objectives of the governor’s energy plan fall into three categories:

• Reliability. Governor Snyder emphasized the need to build upon and improve the reliability of electricity in the state. AMP strongly supports policies that protect access, reliability, and fairness for all consumers.  Governor Snyder mentioned deploying smart meters and making greater investments in Michigan’s energy infrastructure as ways to enhance electric reliability. AMP believes the governor’s focus on reliability is vital given our coming electricity capacity shortfall.

• Affordability. Electricity must also remain affordable for all Michiganders—another of AMP’s core values. The Governor called for a number of measures to make energy more affordable, including eliminating energy waste by investing in greater efficiency in our homes and businesses.

• Diverse Fuel Supply. Governor Snyder spoke about the need to diversify Michigan’s energy mix to make sure we are able to create the energy we need to power all of Michigan.  Acting now will ensure Michigan makes its own energy decisions, rather than allowing Washington, D.C., to make them for us. AMP agrees that diversifying Michigan’s fuel supply will help address our energy capacity crisis while also helping our state move toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.  

Moving Forward

Nine coal-fired power plants are set to close next year due to age; new federal environmental regulations could make replacing this lost capacity in a timely way even more of a challenge. 

Michigan’s looming electric capacity shortfall has now been confirmed by independent experts from the Michigan Public Service Commission, MISO, utilities, and Governor Snyder.  The time to start building Michigan’s energy future is now.

Governor Snyder emphasized that realizing his vision for Michigan’s energy future will require the help, debate, and cooperation of all of Michigan’s leaders in the state legislature and in state agencies, departments, and regulatory bodies statewide.  AMP believes it will also require the active participation of citizens like you who are concerned about keeping our economy on the road to recovery, building a more sustainable future for Michigan, keeping electricity reliable and accessible for all consumers, and putting Michigan first.

AMP will continue to keep you informed as potential solutions, policies, and plans continue to evolve. In the meantime, tell us what you think about the Governor’s plan.