Government Data a Helpful Snapshot of Michigan Energy

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We talk a lot about Michigan’s energy future.  But what about its present?  To get where we want to go as successfully as possible, we must first understand where we are.  The U.S. Energy information Administration (EIA) provides a profile for each state that offers the best available data about Michigan energy today.


Traditional sources of energy will remain an important part of Michigan’s energy supply for the foreseeable future.  In 2013, coal fueled the majority of Michigan’s electricity generation, reaffirming the need to incorporate renewable resources at a reasonable pace that does not negatively impact access, reliability or affordability


Click on the “Data” tab at the top of the page to see some more specific information with drop-down tables.  These numbers establish useful baselines for us to consider moving forward.

If we want to be truly energy independent—able to meet our energy demand with our own locally produced, affordable, reliable energy—it seems this is an area that we will need to work to improve through balanced energy policies that encourage investment.


The “Analysis” section offers an evaluation of each major source of energy.  Taken together, the outlook seems to be that we need to gradually diversify our energy portfolio and invest in new sources of energy such as renewable and natural gas—while continuing to focus on access and reliability.  This is in line with AMP’s priorities for Michigan’s energy future.

Understanding our current energy usage and how we produce our energy is key to planning and pursuing a bright future for Michigan.