Giving Thanks for Michigan Energy

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with friends and family, AMP would like to express gratitude for each of you and the work you have done to help secure Michigan’s energy future.

When we think of the things we are grateful for in our lives, it is amazing how many of them are tied to reliable energy. Here are the top five reasons we’re grateful for Michigan energy this Thanksgiving:

 1.  Warmth.  The Farmer’s Almanac says Michigan is in for a “snow-filled and frigid” winter this year. Reliable energy means we’ll be able to stay safe and warm.

 2.  Light.  As the days grow shorter and the season gets stormier, keeping the lights on is vital for both work and home. Reliable energy keeps us going even when the sun goes down early.

 3.  Economic Strength.  Without reliable electricity, our economy would take a serious hit. Reliable energy keeps Michigan industries and businesses open and running smoothly which means jobs for Michiganders.

 4.  Game On.  Eagles vs. Lions?  Bears vs. Packers?  Panthers vs. Cowboys?  No matter who you’re rooting for, be thankful that reliable energy helps you watch the big game this Thanksgiving.

 5.  Celebration. Michiganders love a reason to celebrate.  Reliable energy helps bring friends, families, and communities together in the spirit of the season.

Remember those in Need

Our thoughts this time of year also turn to those in our communities who need some help to keep the lights on and stay warm.

If you’re fortunate enough to have abundant heat and light this winter, consider helping a neighbor in need through programs offered by DTE Energy and Consumers Energy that help people afford their energy bills during the long winter months.

You can also check out the Salvation Army, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, The Heat and Warmth Fund, and the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm for other energy assistance resources. 

Thank you again for all you do to support policies that ensure fair, reliable, and affordable energy for Michigan today and tomorrow! Have a warm and bright Thanksgiving with those you love!