Getting Energy Smart for Earth Day

Earth Day is just around the corner, marking its 49th year. The annual event got its start in the U.S. in 1970 and is now celebrated in more than 190 countries!

This Earth Day, AMP is reflecting on the inspiring progress Michigan has made toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future—and how we can follow the path laid out by the 2016 energy law to reduce energy-related carbon emissions in our state by 80 percent—a commitment  aligned with the international scientific community and the UN Climate Report.

How does Michigan stay energy smart? Take a look at the 2016 energy law!

Building a clean energy future that works with Michigan’s unique climate, geography, and economy requires careful planning and thoughtful policy. Lawmakers, regulators, and local energy companies must continue to work together to fully implement the 2016 energy law.

A large piece of the 2016 energy law is centered on reducing overall carbon emissions reliably and affordably.

What are Michigan’s carbon-reduction pillars? Great question! Local energy companies are tackling carbon reduction by:

Fulfilling Michigan’s Clean Energy Promise

Did you know AMP recently launched a special project called MI Energy Promise, comprising 45+ local community and business organizations from chambers of commerce to faith-based groups? MI Energy Promise allies raise awareness about how Michigan can secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future while ensuring renewable energy investments benefit all Michiganders. They are helping their communities and elected officials understand what’s at stake when it comes to Michigan’s clean energy future. Check out the MI Energy Promise website if you’re interested in learning more!

How can YOU be Energy Smart? Take our Earth Day Challenge!

Of course, while we are tackling climate change for Michigan as a state and communities, each of us can take steps to bring us closer to the clean energy future we all look toward. Small choices ultimately add up to big impacts, and Earth Day is a great opportunity to re-focus on what each of us can do to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Stay tuned to learn how YOU can take our AMP Earth Day Challenge and be energy smart for 2019!