Get Ready for LIHEAP Action Day

March 25 is LIHEAP Action Day!

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides financial assistance to Michiganders who need a little extra assistance to heat their homes in the winter. LIHEAP is literally a lifesaver for hundreds of thousands of people in our state when the temperatures drop severely as they have over the past several weeks.

On LIHEAP Action Day, advocates from around the country contact their federal legislators (or even visit them in person) to remind them why LIHEAP is so important.

Here in Michigan, winters are almost always long and brutal. Since 2010, LIHEAP funding has decreased by $1.7 billion dollars, forcing many out of the program: the number of households receiving assistance through LIHEAP has dropped by almost 18%. 

One of AMP’s core values is ensuring fairness and access to reliable energy for all Michiganders. Many of the households in greatest need of energy assistance include seniors, disabled persons, and children who can’t meet their basic energy needs without help. That’s why it’s so important for AMP members to help urge Congress to adequately fund LIHEAP.

In the days leading up to LIHEAP Action Day, we’ll be asking for your help as we call on Congress to fully fund LIHEAP so ALL Michigan families can stay warm and safe.

Keep an eye out for more information on the LIHEAP Action Day, and how you can participate!