Flashback Friday: Why Grid Investments Matter—Especially During Storm Season

July and August are peak storm season in Michigan—but we don’t need to tell you that. The severe storms that have battered our state over the past several weeks are a fairly good indicator. Particularly in Northern Michigan, residents and communities are still recovering from storms the likes of which they have never seen before.

When isn’t it storm season in Michigan? It begins in March, peaks in July and August, and lasts through September—and it is a good reminder of the importance of investing in our electric infrastructure. Increasing the resiliency of our state’s electric grid is one of the most effective ways we can prepare for severe thunderstorms, tornados, and other inclement weather that can lead to power disruptions.

For this Flashback Friday, we’re taking a look at some of our previous blog posts that highlight why investing in the grid matters and how Michigan’s local energy providers are working to do just that. Take a look:

Find out more about what it takes to build a stronger, more resilient energy system that meets Michiganders’ energy needs now and well into the future.