Federal Policy Shapes Michigan’s Approach to Energy

President Joe Biden has signed a series of executive orders, proclamations, memoranda, and other actions in his first few weeks in office. Many are related to the energy sector, domestic energy production, and clean energy efforts, and could impact energy policy in Michigan and across the country.

The President’s executive actions indicate some of the energy policy priorities his administration will pursue, including expanding clean and renewable energy, advancing electrification in transportation and other industries, and addressing climate change.

Executive Actions on Clean Energy Issues

The President’s executive actions on climate, carbon reduction, and clean energy support and reflect the commitments already made by local energy providers and Michigan lawmakers, especially when it comes to reducing carbon emissions to hit our net zero goals however we are monitoring some of these policies to ensure they work for all Michigan voters and small businesses

For example, a series of executive actions from the President’s second week in office include:


Working Together to Support Common Goals

Michigan’s local energy providers are working alongside state regulators, lawmakers, and everyday Michiganders to ensure Michigan remains a leader in clean energy without undermining fairness, reliability, or affordability for anyone.

AMP is hopeful that the new administration will help support and advance America’s clean energy future, but it is important that federal policies remain practical in terms of what can be accomplished and under what timeframe. Local energy providers Consumers Energy and DTE Energy are on track to meet their ambitious goals of reaching net zero emissions by 2040 and 2050, respectively, while President Biden’s executive actions reflect a much earlier date of 2035 to reach a carbon-free power sector.

It will be important to balance competing priorities as we secure a cleaner, more sustainable energy future by continuing to invest in our energy infrastructure, increase use of clean and renewable energy, and develop new, emerging technologies. Let’s address the energy issues Michiganders—and all Americans—face by working together.