Fact Friday: What it Means to Choose MI Energy

Choosing Michigan means choosing energy policies that prioritize Michigan jobs, drive our economy, and support our schools, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism, environment, and much more. Our landmark 2016 energy legislation set us on the right path to secure a bright, affordable, and reliable Michigan energy future. Below are just a few reminders of how choosing local energy means choosing Michigan.

Choose Michigan: Back to School

Education is a critical priority in Michigan, and local energy providers not only keep schools supplied with reliable power but also fund local schools through tax revenue.

Choose Michigan: Energy + Agriculture = Prosperity

Michigan’s agriculture industry is a major economic sector for the state, helping to support Michigan jobs and keep our communities — rural and urban alike — strong and prosperous.

Choose Michigan: Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism, travel, and hospitality support thousands of Michigan jobs. In 2015, the leisure and hospitality sector added an estimated 11,000 jobs with an additional 20,000 positions to be filled through 2017.

The Economic Impact of Local Energy Investment: Construction, Building, and Design

Designing and building new power plants, renewable projects, and other infrastructure improvements helps support a thriving construction industry that employs hundreds of thousands of skilled Michigan workers.

Choose Local Safety and Health
Public safety and health represent a significant percentage of the budget for most Michigan cities and towns — from local police and fire personnel and equipment to ambulance services, 24/7 911 service, safety and emergency response training for citizens, and more.


Local energy providers support local businesses, education, and services in ways that out-of-state energy providers can’t match. As we head into a new year in 2018, let’s encourage our Michigan legislators to keep choosing Michigan!