Fact Check: Wind Energy in Michigan

A lot of misconceptions are swirling around wind energy in Michigan. So we’re bringing you Wednesday Wind Fact Checks. This series will bring you three quick fact checks about wind power each week so you can get the real scoop on this incredible renewable resource in Michigan.

  1. Wind power is pricey

FACT Check: Wind isn’t just a renewable resource-it’s a wallet-friendly resource as well. Wind power typically costs $2.06 per kilowatt-hour, making it one of the cheapest energy sources in the country.

  1. Wind turbines are too loud

FACT Check: People are often concerned that wind turbines will disturb the peace in their communities, but modern wind turbines are pretty quiet. Fun fact: wind turbines (43 decibels) are just barely louder than a library (40 decibels).

  1. Talk about the jobs created by wind energy is all hype

FACT Check: In 2016, wind power created jobs “nine times faster than the overall economy,” leading to a record high 102,500 jobs across the industry with rural communities benefiting the most.

Part of ensuring affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy is capitalizing on the benefits of renewable energy. Need more reasons why wind energy is good for Michigan? Stay tuned to catch our Wednesday Wind Fact Checks, or read more about the benefits on the AMP blog.