Everything’s Better Local-Including Energy

In recent years, the “shop local” trend has been gaining traction nationwide—from farm-to-table restaurants and local microbreweries to Small Business Saturday, in which customers make it a point to shop at local businesses. Here in Michigan, we’ve taken it a step further with our Pure Michigan initiative.

Local energy providers also play an important role in strengthening Michigan’s economy and communities.  In fact, when it comes to electricity, there’s simply no substitute for local energy produced by Michiganders, for Michiganders.

Local Energy = Jobs and Economic Growth

One driving force behind localization movements is their focus on building the local economy and job growth, and energy is no different.  Michigan’s electric utility industry is directly responsible for tens of thousands of jobs—and many more indirectly.  It touches virtually every sector of the economy in a positive way, and our businesses depend on access to reliable power to help serve their customers and keep the economy moving forward.

Local Energy = Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is another reason to support local Michigan energy. By being part of a stable, long-term energy plan rather than responding to the volatility experienced in regional wholesale electricity markets this past winter, Michigan energy providers are able to invest more in renewable energy and new energy technologies.  They also live and work here, so they have a personal interest in protecting our state’s natural resources and promoting a cleaner environment.

Local Energy = A Brighter Future for Michigan

Of course, all of this—more jobs, a stronger economy, and increased sustainability—adds up to a brighter future for Michigan.  Like our other local businesses and industries, a strong local electric utility industry is key to a bright, secure future for Michigan because it will ensure reliable, affordable, sustainable energy for all Michiganders.