Energy is Part of the Solution to Michigan’s Job Woes

Unfortunately, Michigan’s economic recovery continues to be sluggish.  Our state’s unemployment rate rose to 8.7 percent in June and again to 8.8 percent in July.  In contrast, our historical low rate was just 3.3 percent in March 2000.

Meanwhile, even those with a job are struggling:  According to a new report from the Michigan League for Public Policy, the number of Michiganders earning poverty-level wages has increased from 25% to 28.5% over the past thirty years.

Clearly, these aren’t Michigan’s best days—but we at AMP believe brighter days could be ahead of us with the right energy policies in place.

New Investments in Energy

Energy will play a central role in our state’s economic comeback, creating local jobs and improving the quality of life for Michigan’s families and communities. Michigan-owned and -operated energy companies employ tens of thousands of Michiganders, providing well-paying jobs that offer opportunities for advancement.  The number of jobs supported by our state’s energy industry will continue to grow as the industry invests billions of dollars to build new infrastructure and develop new energy resources.

The impact of those investments extends beyond direct jobs, reaching virtually every sector of our economy.  Businesses of every size depend on affordable, reliable energy, as do millions of households in our state, so it’s not difficult to see how investment in energy translates into economic growth and a stronger Michigan overall. 

You Can Make a Difference

As a member of AMP, you have a great platform to influence the energy issues that shape Michigan.  You can start making a difference today through just a few simple actions: