Energy Legislation Back in Focus in Lansing

Lansing is buzzing again with talk of new energy legislation, as Senators Nofs and Proos have introduced updated versions of SB 437 and SB 438.

With last month’s closure of ten coal-fired power plants around the state, and more closures on the way in the coming years, changes to the bills are focused on issues of reliability and investment in Michigan’s energy infrastructure.

In its report, “Status of Electric Competition in Michigan” issued January 29, 2015, the MPSC stated that there “appears to be a gap in planning and procurement of adequate resources for the long-term for customers served” by Michigan’s deregulated  energy market. The commission emphasized “the urgency and importance of this issue in Michigan to the overall reliability and affordability of electric supplies.”

Revisions to the bills to address reliability and infrastructure include:



We are excited to see renewed action on smart energy legislation for Michigan and will continue to keep you updated as the process moves forward. Thanks for your support for a Michigan-first energy policy. Keep up the good work!