The Importance of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a vital component of Michigan’s energy future, helping improve reliability, control consumer costs, and reduce the overall strain on our electric grid.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

A more energy-efficient Michigan is a stronger Michigan. Efforts to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency are underway at every level of our energy system, from how we produce energy to how we deliver it and how we each use it.

Energy Efficiency at all Levels

  • At home…
    • Home energy audits, smart meters, incentives, and tips are just a few ways local providers help Michiganders improve their personal energy efficiency, which can lead to lower monthly electric bills.
  • At work…
    • Local energy providers offer several programs to help Michigan businesses of all sizes reduce costs and improve reliability by increasing their energy efficiency.
  • In our communities…
    • Local energy providers work with Michigan schools, hospitals, and other community organizations to implement cost-saving energy efficiency programs, allowing more resources to be invested in their core missions instead.
  • Across our electric grid…
    • Local energy providers are constantly working to reduce energy waste from the point at which energy is generated to the point a consumer uses it. When the entire grid is more efficient, it’s also more reliable and energy becomes more affordable for everyone.


It’s 2019! New Energy Opportunities in the New Year

It’s a new year and plenty of new opportunities to strengthen Michigan’s energy future lie ahead. In 2019, local energy companies are making great progress toward a set of resolutions that bolster the reliability, affordability, and sustainability of our energy supply.


Brace yourself… the polar vortex is arriving today!

Believe it or not, it’s about to get even colder in Michigan. The polar vortex has been described as “brutal,” “dangerous,” and even “the coldest weather in a generation.” We can hold our own when it comes to winter weather, but the storm currently whipping its way through the Midwest is no joke.


Know Your NEXUS: Pipeline Progress

Local Michigan energy companies are continuing to diversify our all-of-the-above energy mix. As coal-fired plants continue to close their doors, Michigan and our Midwestern neighbors are capitalizing on innovative ways to prevent a potential energy deficit. Natural gas is an affordable, reliable and cleaner way to provide the energy our state needs to operate. How are we harnessing the power of natural gas? The NEXUS pipeline is playing a big role!