EmPOWERing Michigan’s Energy Supply Chain with Natural Gas

We know natural gas brings environmental benefits—like how it burns much cleaner than coal and oil. In fact, using natural gas as a substitute has reduced power-plant carbon emissions to the lowest level in 30 years.

We also know it’s efficient: “About 90 percent of the natural gas produced is delivered to customers as useful energy.”

But what about its economic impact? The process of designing, constructing, and operating a new natural gas plant can provide a serious boost to our economy.

Not only will the plant create more jobs, but it will create jobs that are tailor made for Michiganders. Our workforce is particularly skilled in manufacturing, construction, and engineering—all lines of work that are critical in building, maintaining, and operating a power plant.

Local businesses make vital contributions to our energy industry and to the economic health of Michigan’s communities. Investing in Michigan’s natural gas capacity is also an investment in our state and local economies that will create jobs and revenue for decades to come.

What’s the bottom line? Natural gas is not only key for our energy mix, but also our economic future.