What does DNV GL do?

DNV GL is a global quality assurance, risk management and sustainability company that partners with Michigan utilities to implement energy efficiency programs.  With locations in Detroit, Okemos and Clark Lake, DNV GL has created over 100 new jobs for Michiganders since 2009.

Since they began supporting two major utility rebate programs here in Michigan DNV GL has paid over 100 million in incentives to companies in Michigan on behalf of their clients. Assisting Michigan businesses with energy efficiency upgrades, DNV GL understands the important role energy plays in growing the local economy.

Hear from the Operations Manager

Bill Ringrose, Operations Manager of DNV GL, talks about how important energy efficiency is in creating a sustainable energy future for Michigan, while power the state’s economy.

“DNV GL develops energy optimization programs for our customers. We support reliable energy for all businesses and consumers. We believe that growing Energy Efficiency and eliminating energy waste is key in managing capacity issues and providing the energy Michigan needs for the future.”

Why Keeping Energy Local Matters

Businesses like DNV GL are supported by Michigan-first energy policies that encourage investments in our local energy supply chain.

“Keeping energy in MI is good for the environment. It has helped grow the economy. It is good for contractors who are now in skilled trades and busy with the work provided for energy efficiency.”