Diversified Minority Services LLC

Hear from the General Manager

Rick Wiseman, General Manager of Diversified Minority Services, talks about why keeping energy in Michigan local is important to our state’s economy and workforce.

“Without local power generation, the state loses not only jobs but also tax revenue.  That is why it is imperative for Michigan to remain in control of our energy future.”

Why Keeping Energy Local Matters

Businesses in Michigan’s energy supply chain are able to thrive thanks to local energy companies.  When we invest in Michigan energy, there is a ripple effect of benefits that positively impact smaller local companies, like Diversified Minority Services.

“Keeping our power generation in Michigan strengthens our economy in more ways than we can count. When our economy is as strong as it is today, thanks to increased business growth and investments from our local utilities, we all prosper.  It is more than jobs and taxes that we see; in addition, our energy providers invest a lot in our local communities by way of charitable donations that keep our communities alive.”

What does Diversified Minority Services do?

Diversified Minority Services keeps our local power plants clean so they can continue to function efficiently, and safely deliver power to Michiganders across the state.  Energy plants, and energy infrastructure require careful cleaning and maintenance, and Diversified Minority Services offers janitorial services that are essential to local energy companies. Diversified Minority Services employs Michiganders in a wide range of jobs from entry level to more skilled positions such as Engineers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Technical Support and Fire Safety Training Support Technicians.