Defining Michigan Energy Policy: Fairness, Reliability, and Affordability

AMP believes Michigan energy policy should strive to achieve three primary goals: fairness, reliability, and affordability.

But what do each of those mean when it comes to energy policy—and how can local energy providers, regulators, and policymakers work to ensure Michigan is hitting those goals?

Ensuring Fairness

AMP believes Michigan’s energy policy should treat everyone fairly. That means everyone who relies on the grid should help pay for it—regardless of where the power they use comes from.

It also means all Michiganders should have access to new technologies and new energy sources that help us build a cleaner, more reliable energy future while creating new jobs, supporting local businesses, and strengthening our overall economy.

Promoting Reliability

Michigan’s energy policy should ensure reliability for all Michiganders. The best way to do that is by maintaining a diverse range of energy resources—from renewables to natural gas to nuclear power—and investing in new technologies and infrastructure improvements to help deliver a steady, uninterrupted supply of electricity.

During winter, maintaining reliability is critically important for Michigan homes. For Michigan businesses, industries, and our entire economy, reliability is critical all year-round as even the shortest interruption in power can have significant impact on cost, productivity, and businesses’ bottom line.

Preserving Affordability

Keeping energy as affordable as possible is critical for Michigan businesses and industries. Michigan’s energy policy should ensure costs remain low and stable by maintaining a flexible, diverse, and cost-effective mix of energy resources and technologies.

That includes developing our renewable resources, expanding use of clean energy like natural gas and advanced nuclear, improving energy efficiency, and continuing to invest in emerging technologies. When energy remains affordable, Michigan businesses are able to focus more resources on growing their business, creating new jobs, and powering local economies.