Choose Michigan: Energy + Agriculture = Prosperity

When people think of Michigan, they think of automobile production. We do make a lot of cars in the Great Lakes State — but we are also known for our agriculture.

We grow, raise, and process an enormous amount of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and livestock in Michigan. And we couldn’t produce much of it without affordable, reliable energy, produced by Michiganders for Michiganders.

Energy Is Key for Michigan Agriculture and Economy

Michigan’s agriculture industry is a major source of revenue for the state, helping support Michigan jobs and keep our communities — rural and urban alike — strong and prosperous.

Source: Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

It takes a lot of energy to produce all of the products generated by our agricultural sector. In fact, energy accounts for as much as 34% of the cost of running a farm in Michigan.

That’s why both local energy providers work with Michigan’s farmers and ranchers to provide additional services and support in order to manage their energy use. Conducting free electrical inspections, providing energy efficiency assistance and incentives, and working with farmers to plan for their future energy needs are just some of the ways local energy providers work to keep energy reliable for our vibrant agriculture sector.

However, the best way to ensure reliability and affordability is to focus on local energy development, right here in Michigan. Relying on out-of-state energy companies and speculators who have no stake in our state’s future (or our electric grid) is a recipe for disaster.

Choosing Michigan for a Strong Ag Industry

The importance of agriculture to our state — and this sector’s reliance on affordable, reliable energy — is yet another example of why it is vital that our leaders in Lansing focus on Michigan-first energy policies — like Senators Nofs’ and Proos energy legislation in the Senate.

Without reliable, affordable energy, our agricultural sector cannot thrive — and without a thriving agricultural sector, thousands of Michiganders would be without work, our food supply would be affected, and our entire state economy would suffer.

Working together, we can make sure Lansing passes the right policy to ensure a bright energy future for everyone in our state. But we can only make that happen if we choose Michigan energy for Michigan farms, businesses, institutions, and homes.

Have you sent your message to your senator yet? Tell him or her to choose Michigan today!