Choose Michigan: Back to School

Education is a critical priority in Michigan, and proponents of the so-called electric choice program like to tout how electric deregulation helps some schools save money on their energy budgets.

We’ve seen multiple news stories lately about how select schools are saving millions each year, and those numbers can sound impressive—until you put them in the context of the much larger numbers that are at stake for all our schools if Michigan legislators fail to support continued investment in Michigan’s local energy infrastructure.

When you understand how public schools are funded, you’ll recognize that choosing Michigan energy means choosing to support (and fund) the education all our young people and future leaders need to succeed.

Local Energy Providers Help Fund Education

Did you know that Michigan’s in-state energy providers are among the largest taxpayers in the state? The taxes they pay directly benefit local schools from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula.

Between annual property taxes and capital investments, local energy providers help keep Michigan schools funded year-round.

Benefits for Schools beyond Tax Revenue

The contributions local energy providers make toward education in our state don’t stop at tax revenue. Local energy providers also:

While some local schools may save money by purchasing power from out-of-state energy companies, there are much bigger dollars, and much bigger benefits for every school and every child, to be gained by choosing to support our Michigan energy providers instead of out-of-state interests. That includes hundreds of million—even billions—of dollars in funding, in-school and extra-curricular programs, and other activities that enrich our children’s lives.

Do you have a story about how Michigan energy providers have helped your school? Let us know your story today!