Choose Local Safety and Health

Few people think about local emergency services until they need them—but when you need them, you want them to be ready.

Public safety and health represent a significant percentage of the budget for most Michigan cities and towns—from local police and fire personnel and equipment to ambulance services, 24/7 911 service, safety and emergency response training for citizens, and more. 

Better Safe than Sorry

Funding for local health and emergency services is critical to maintaining secure, vibrant communities. So where does the money for those services come from? Tax revenues.

Everyone in Michigan contributes to their local tax bases in the form of sales and property taxes, but most individual residents don’t realize just how much of their city’s and state’s tax base comes from Michigan’s business community. 

Top Taxpayers

In Michigan, our local energy providers are among the largest taxpayers in the state. Together, local energy providers pay roughly $500 million every year in state and local taxes in Michigan. 

In addition, our local energy providers are some of the largest employers in Michigan, directly and indirectly supporting tens of thousands of jobs—and the people employed by those jobs also contribute to the fiscal strength of our state and their local communities. 

The same cannot be said for out-of-state energy providers, which pay significantly less (if anything) into the public coffers that support our first responders, medical personnel, police, and other critical functions. In fact, Michiganders who choose to purchase their energy from out-of-state suppliers are supporting the emergency services in those states, not ours. 

Community Support that Goes Beyond Tax Dollars Alone 

Beyond tax revenue, Michigan’s local energy providers help enrich the health and safety of their local communities by contributing to school funding and youth programs; supporting environmental stewardship; and contributing to local cultural, community, and civic institutions. 

The Bigger Choice  

When we talk about “choice” in Michigan as it relates to our energy, we need to recognize that there’s a much bigger choice involved than just whether someone has the ability to choose an out-of-state energy supplier. When we give preference to out-of-state interests over local energy providers, we are choosing to sacrifice our local communities for those out-of-state interests.

AMP believes it’s time for our elected leaders to Choose Michigan by passing a comprehensive energy policy that supports investment in energy produced by Michiganders for Michiganders.  It’s the best way to protect the reliability and affordability of our electricity while securing a bright future for our local communities in all the other ways that really matter too. 

Do you have a story about how Michigan energy providers have helped your community? Let us know your story today!